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Where can I get Dental Implants in Middletown?

If your oral healthcare concerns involve the replacement of missing teeth, you’re going to want to speak with the experienced team at Middletown Dental Group. As a multi-specialty practice, we provide a comprehensive range of dental services to the Middletown, Washington Heights, and Mechanicstown areas. From the essentials in preventive, emergency and pediatric care, to the most advanced prosthetic, implant, and cosmetic dentistry services, we’re prepared to address the oral care needs of your entire family. Offering the state-of-the-art in replacement options for missing teeth, patients have an exceptional array of quality bridgework, dentures, or dental implants in Middletown to choose from. Taking the time to carefully walk you through your best treatment options, you can depend on our experienced team to provide you with support through every phase of your oral care experience.

Dental Implants in Middletown

One of the more recent breakthroughs in dentistry is the use of dental implants to fully replace missing teeth, from root to crown. Just as sturdy roots support your natural teeth, dental implants integrate with the jawbone and extend upward to just above the gum line, where a permanent dental crown or custom prosthesis can be secured. Whether used to replace one, several, or all teeth in a dental arch, dental implants in Middletown provide unparalleled stability for a custom crown, fixed bridge, or implant-retained denture. With the replacement of many or all teeth, dental implants can even be strategically placed, optimizing stability and health benefits. What researchers have discovered is that dental implants confer many of the health benefits of your natural teeth. From helping to preserve bone volume, to maintaining a healthy distribution of force in your bite, dental implants promote jaw health and help you retain the natural contours of your face. They also happen to come the closest in replicating the performance, appearance, and feel of your natural teeth.

If you’re considering dental implants in Middletown, or any of the exceptional solutions offered by the team at Middletown Dental Group, call us to schedule your consultation today!

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